Bill Fletcher: I Stand with Walmart Strikers

Reposted from Making Change at Walmart:

The following is a statement of support from Bill Fletcher Jr., Chairman of the Retail Justice Alliance.

bill_fletcher“The bus ride to Bentonville is part of a larger journey for justice. Walmart’s response to the disaster in Bangladesh and the deaths of hundreds of Bangladeshi workers displays the same sort of arrogance that their actions in the USA contain.  The march on Bentonville is a march that not only focuses on those who work directly for Walmart but for those around the world who labor under greedy subcontractors producing products for sale at Walmart.  The march on Bentonville is a march for the millions in today’s U.S. workforce who suffer the sting of under-employment, piecing together jobs in order to survive and grow their families.  Walmart represents all that is wrong with the functioning of today’s economy, an economy that is great for the upper-crust, and is a juggernaut crushing the everyday working person.

“As the chairman of the Retail Justice Alliance I salute the Walmart workers and their allies who are standing up for economic justice, making sure that the titans of the retail industry hear their collective voice.”

Bill Fletcher Jr., chairman, Retail Justice Alliance; author/activist