American Retail Workers Support IKEA Workers in Turkey and Beyond with Global Day of Action

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has been accused of falling short of its own worker policies in several countries outside of Sweden, thereby failing to live up to the company’s professed values outside the home market.  For the past two years, IKEA Turkey has run a campaign of intimidation, interference and coercion in response to its employees’ efforts to choose a union.

Participants in today's Day of Global Solidarity with IKEA workers show their support in Dublin, Ireland.

Yesterday, IKEA employees and their global supporters in a dozen different countries took part in actions against poor labor standards, management violations of freedom of association, and IKEA’s inconsistency in its approach to worker rights and labor relations.

The RWDSU and UFCW, both members of the UNI Global Union, are supporting the efforts of IKEA workers in Turkey and we encourage you to take a moment and read a recent op-ed on IKEA’s anti-union tactics.

It is time for IKEA to put an end to the practice of treating non-Swedish workers as second-class. All workers have the right to freely associate, and bargain collectively for improvements in the workplace, no matter which country that workplace is in.