OUR Walmart Members Push Walmart to be a Good Employer Here at Home and Abroad

Walmart workers ask for all workers to be treated fairly and with respect.

Walmart workers and OUR Walmart members ask for all workers to be treated fairly and with respect.

On June 29, OUR Walmart members and supporters held an action in the California Bay Area to call on Walmart and Gap to sign the Bangladesh Factory Fire and Safety Agreement. The

agreement will improve the safety of garment workers that produce clothing for both retailers in Bangladesh. Public pressure for Gap and Walmart to sign the agreement has increased since the recent tragedies in Bangladesh factories, including the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1,127 workers.

Protestors also continued to call on Walmart Boardmember and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer to use her influence to stop Walmart from violating employee labor rights and freedom of speech, or resign from the Walmart Board of Directors. The protest was part of continued effort to reach Mayer, and follows a protest at Yahoo! headquarters during Mayer’s first Yahoo! shareholder meeting as the company’s CEO.

OUR Walmart members and community supporters also held an action in Sacramento on June 29 and will hold another action in Los Angeles today to protest the company’s attempt to

silence workers who are speaking out for positive change. Three weeks ago, members of OUR Walmart traveled to Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, to protest the company’s unfair labor practices during the annual shareholders’ meeting. In response, Walmart has illegally begun to retaliate against OUR Walmart members—including suspending, disciplining and firing workers who went on strike.

It’s time for Walmart to step up and be a good employer here at home and abroad. The Retail Justice Alliance strongly supports these brave workers who are fighting for their right to speak out for positive change at work, and taking a stand for their brothers and sisters in Bangladesh. For more information about OUR Walmart, visit http://makingchangeatwalmart.org/.