Other Retailers Join Walmart in Opposition to LRAA

This week, Macy’s, Target and other large retailers joined Walmart in opposing the Large Retailer Accountability Act, a bill requiring major retailers in Washington, D.C. to pay employees a ‘living wage’ of at least $12.50 an hour.

source: dc direct action news

On its second reading before the D.C. Council, the Large Retailer Accountability Act passed by a margin of 8-5 earlier in July. While the bill enjoyed the support of a majority of councilmembers and many D.C. residents, Walmart threatened at the last minute to cancel the construction of three stores slated to open in the District if the bill became law.

With so much at stake, workers in Washington, D.C. need your help to make sure the bill gets finalized. Please click here and send an email to D.C.’s Mayor Gray, asking him not to veto the bill. Washington, D.C. is just the beginning–cities around the country are pushing for living wages, and corporations are beginning to realize that the people have a say in how businesses operate on their turf.  Let’s tell Walmart that if they want to be in the nation’s capital, they need to pay a living wage!