Walmart Continues to Retaliate Against Workers Who Speak Out for Positive Change

FireShot Screen Capture #334 - 'Twitter _ matt_toner_ #walmartstrikers walk awayWalmart has intensified its illegal campaign of punishing workers who exercised their right to come together and speak out for positive change in the workplace. In the past few weeks, the retail giant has fired or disciplined over 60 members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), who protested Walmart’s unfair labor practices at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas, in June.

This week, members of OUR Walmart, along with warehouse workers and other allies, are fighting back with an unprecedented wave of public protests planned on the ground in Boston, the Bay Area and online. They are calling on members of Walmart’s Board of Directors to end to the labor mismanagement under CEO Mike Duke’s leadership that has led to understaffing, unsafe conditions, and illegal retaliation in stores, warehouses and at suppliers.

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