Walmart Workers and Supporters Hold Nationwide Day of Protests Against Retail Giant

Wages-Matter-New-NormalToday, Walmart workers and their supporters in over a dozen cities across the country are joining together for a nationwide day of protests—the largest mobilization since Black Friday—to call for better jobs at the country’s largest employer.

Many Walmart workers are struggling to support their families and contribute to their local economies because of low wages, insufficient hours and ongoing efforts to silence workers who are speaking out for better jobs.  Today’s protests come after Walmart failed to respond to a Labor Day deadline set by tens of thousands of Americans calling on Walmart to publicly commit to provide full-time work with a minimum salary of $25,000, reinstate workers who were fired for striking and agree to stop all retaliation against workers calling for better jobs.

Since June, Walmart has illegally disciplined nearly 80 workers, including firing 20 worker-leaders. More than 100 Unfair Labor Practice charges have been filed with the NLRB against Walmart.

There are several ways to help support Walmart workers as they take action today.  You can sign a petition located at  You can also spread the work on social media by sharing any of the images located at or the video posted at on Facebook. You can also go to Twitter to show your support and use the sample tweet: #WalmartStrikers are drawing a line. Stand with them for a real wage & workers’ rights on Sept. 5th @ChangeWalmart

For photos and video of strikers and their community supporters, visit, or follow the conversation and see photos on Twitter at #Walmartstrikers.