OUR Walmart Members Stand with Strikers in Miami

Last week, over 80 Walmart workers frustrated by low wages, poor working conditions and mistreatment by management, walked off the job in Miami.  The strike comes on the heels of Walmart workers nationwide who have been standing up and speaking out for better jobs.  The Miami strikers join hundreds of Walmart workers who have been protesting to bring awareness and change Walmart’s poverty wages and acts of illegal retaliation against workers.

IMG_0886“Walmart workers nationwide have been standing up and speaking out for better jobs, better wages, and an end to Walmart’s illegal retaliation against workers who speak out,” said Paul Toussaint, a Miami area OUR Walmart member. “And these courageous strikers are in solidarity with Walmart associates across the country who have been calling for change, striking against retaliation and even been arrested in non-violent protest.  We’ve been calling on Walmart, a company that made nearly $17 billion last year, to pay us a wage of $25,000 a year so that we can live without having to rely on public assistance.  That’s what these strikers are fighting for and I am proud to stand with them.”