Leading Up to Black Friday, Walmart Workers Strike in Seattle and Chicago

Seattle strike 4This week—in the days leading up to Black Friday—hundreds of Walmart workers and members of OUR Walmart in Seattle and Chicago intensified their calls for Walmart to end its practice of retaliating against workers who are simply exercising their right to speak out for a better life and improved working conditions.

In Seattle and Chicago, members of OUR Walmart and community allies went on strike and called for an end to the retail giant’s illegal retaliation against workers speaking out for positive change. Last week in Los Angeles during a two-day strike, more than 50 people, including Walmart workers, members of the clergy and community members, were arrested in the largest act of civil disobedience against the retail giant.

Citing Walmart’s $17 billion in profits last year, members of OUR Walmart are calling on the retail giant to publicly commit to raising wages and increasing access to full-time hours so that no worker at Walmart makes less than $25,000 per year. A recent article in CNN Money argues that Walmart can afford to give its workers a 50 percent raise and still remain profitable.

Members of OUR Walmart promise more actions throughout the month and on Black Friday and have launched a petition to President Obama and unveiled an online portal that lets associates sign up for community support. For more information or to sign the petition, sponsor a striker or attend a Black Friday action in your community, visit http://blackfridayprotests.org/.