From the historic Walmart strikes leading up to and on Black Friday to the recent fast food worker strikes, 2013 has been the year of the retail worker.

WisconsinFor the second year, Walmart workers and members of OUR Walmart called on the retail giant to stop its practice of retaliating against workers who are speaking out for positive change, and publicly commit to increasing access to full-time work and raising wages to at least $25,000 per year. Leading up to and on Black Friday, members of OUR Walmart and community allies across the country held 1,500 protests—making the 2013 Black Friday actions even more widespread than last year. Retail food workers also went on strike across the country to call attention to their struggle to make ends meet on low wages with inconsistent hours.

Retail jobs are here to stay, and it’s time for leaders in the retail sector to listen to their workers and lead the way in making sure that retail jobs are good jobs with benefits so that workers in this industry have a pathway to the middle class. Members of OUR Walmart have launched a petition to meet with President Obama regarding their effort to improve working conditions at Walmart.  To sign the petition, visit