Making Change at Walmart and Organization United for Respect Call on Allies to Mobilize Around Obama Visit to Walmart

Dear Allies,

ObamaVisitsWalmartPresident Obama is visiting the Walmart in Mountain View, CA to talk about the Environment and Sustainability this Friday, May 9th in the morning.

We were all surprised by this given the fact that Walmart has been failing on environment and climate issues and failing on worker rights and justice.

You’ve asked how we can together make sure President Obama knows the truth about how Walmart is failing on both of these.

Here is what allies can do to help.

1. There is a rally being organized in front of the store for Friday morning at 8 am PT. We are asking for you to send recruitment emails to your base in northern California to ask them to show up for the rally so that the President can see how many people are concerned about this. Here is the RSVP on Action Network that you can send out and below is a sample recruitment email that you can adapt to send to your base or networks in northern California.

2. Remember the OUR Walmart petition to President Obama? Help us break 200,000 (we’re at 191,000) signers to the petition calling on President Obama to make good on his promise to stand up for working people by meeting with the courageous workers risking firing or other disciplinary action by joining together as Organization United for Respect at Walmart. The petition can be found here. 


The MCAW team