Leading Up to Walmart’s Shareholders Meeting, Walmart Moms Walk Off the Job to Protest Illegal Firings

10262223_807954262550554_264642305315404525_nThis week, Walmart moms are walking off the job in more than 20 cities to protest the company’s retaliation against workers who speak out for positive change. On Friday, OUR Walmart members will take their concerns and calls for change directly to the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Bentonville, Ark.

Striking Walmart moms, along with fellow workers, families, and community supporters nationwide, are calling on new Walmart CEO Doug McMillon to take the company in a new direction—one that will respect workers’ rights and help strengthen families and the economy. Walmart is the largest employer of women in the country, and Walmart workers help the company make $16 billion in profits a year and contribute to the growing wealth of the Walton family—heirs to the Walmart empire.

Walmart workers have made significant strides in changing policies of the country’s largest employer, particularly in its treatment of women. Recently, Walmart improved its treatment of pregnant workers after OUR Walmart members, who are also shareholders, submitted a resolution to the company about its pregnancy policy. Walmart also rolled out a new system nationwide that allows workers to sign up for open shifts in their stores online in response to OUR Walmart members’ growing calls on the retailer to improve access to hours.

“We know that change is possible at Walmart. That’s why I’m joining other moms at Walmart and going on strike. We have the right to speak out for better futures, and when we do it together—we make progress,” said Lashanda Myrick who is a mother of two and works at Walmart’s Denver store No. 2752.

For more information and to support the Walmart moms, visit http://makingchangeatwalmart.org/.