New Demos Report Shows that Raising Wages, Improving Schedules for Women in the Retail Sector Can Benefit the Economy

for RJAA new report by Demos challenges our country’s major retailers to boost the economy by creating jobs with decent wages and schedules for the many women and their families in the industry.  The report, titled “Retail’s Choice: How Raising Wages and Improving Schedules for Women in the Retail Industry Would Benefit America,” points out that American women disproportionately hold the retail industry’s lowest paid positions and many women in the retail sector and their families are struggling in poverty due to low wages, erratic schedules and lack of basic benefits like paid sick days.

This new report builds on a previous Demos study about how retailers can benefit from raising employee wages.  The report, titled “Retail’s Hidden Potential: How Raising Wages Would Benefit Workers, the Industry and the Overall Economy,” shows that raising wages to $25,000 per year for full-time retail workers at the nation’s largest retail companies (or those employing at least 1,000 workers) would result in improving the lives of more than 1.5 million retail workers and their families who are currently living in or hovering above poverty.