speak-up-300x200This week, Walmart moms who are members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) attended the White House Summit on Working Families.  They spoke with attendees about their concerns regarding the retail giant’s low-wage, part-time business practices.

Walmart is the largest employer of women in the country, and it’s low-wage, part-time business practices have put a financial strain on too many Walmart women and their families.  The majority of Walmart workers are paid less than $25,000 a year and many Walmart workers, including women who are the sole breadwinners and decision-makers for their families, have been forced to rely on food stamps and other taxpayer-supported programs to survive.

Charmaine Givens-Thomas, a Walmart mom who attended the White House summit, launched a petition last year asking President Obama to make good on his promise to tackle income inequality and meet with Walmart workers that are calling for better jobs and an end to illegal retaliation. The petition has over 200,000 signatures.

“Walmart moms like me are living the reality of the income inequality the president has been talking about,” said Givens-Thomas, a mother and grandmother who has worked at Walmart for over eight years and only makes $23,000 a year. “We want the president to meet with us to hear how Walmart is fueling the income equality crisis—and how the company could easily fix this problem by providing full-time work for at least $25,000 a year.”

To sign the petition asking President Obama to meet with Walmart workers, visit