A Bad Week for Workers and the Middle Class

This was a bad week for workers everywhere. This week started with the Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn ruling, which was brought by the right-wing, anti-worker National Right to Work Foundation and other corporate interests with the end goal of silencing workers’ voices on the job and weakening the middle class. And while this decision primarily affects home health care workers, it sets a terrible precedent for other workers seeking a voice on the job.

This week, labor unions also marked the one-year anniversary of the Senate’s passage of comprehensive immigration reform—legislation that created a path to citizenship for aspiring Americans and strengthened protections for immigrant workers. And one year later, in spite of the unfolding humanitarian crisis on the border, it remains the only meaningful step taken toward fixing our broken immigration system.

The Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn ruling and the refusal of House Republicans to fix our immigration system is bad news for workers everywhere. It’s up to all of us to take a stand and redouble our efforts to fight for workers’ rights with the end goal of leveling the playing field, bringing workers out of the shadows, and restoring America’s middle class.