Retail Justice Alliance Supports Schedules That Work Act

10475677_856160454411853_1524949812110337541_nAlthough the retail sector—which is an important employer of minorities and women—has added an average of 26,000 jobs per month over the past 12 months, too many retail workers are struggling to survive in low-wage wage jobs with unpredictable scheduling practices that stand in the way of competing life demands and threaten their economic security.

The Schedules That Work Act would provide retail workers with modest safeguards and begin to curb the most abusive scheduling practices. This legislation includes a presumption that retail workers who need a schedule change due to child care, school, a second job, or medical needs will receive that change unless there is a bona fide business reason not to. The legislation also provides retail workers advance notice of their schedules and guarantees minimum pay when they are sent home from work before completing their entire shift.

Fair, flexible, and reliable scheduling is a simple way to ensure that retail workers are treated with dignity and respect, and the Retail Justice Alliance urges Congress to pass the Schedules That Work Act as soon as possible.