A Tale of Two Maps

Originally posted on Making Change at Walmart

Recently, the real estate blog Movoto got a lot of press attention when it released this interactive map showing the richest individual in each state. The map revealed that three Walmart heirs are the richest person in their respective states. That list includes Christy Walton (in Wyoming worth an estimated $36.7 billion), Alice Walton (in Texas worth an estimated $35.3 billion) and Jim Walton (in Arkansas worth an estimated $35.7 billion).

The Waltons should have actually held Arizona as their fourth state as well, where Rob Walton resides with $34.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the majority of Walmart workers continues to make less than $25,000 a year.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted that while managers received handsome compensation for their work, Walmart cashiers made just $8.48 an hour on average. This number is in stark contrast to the national average hourly wage for cashiers of $11.22.

With such low wages and inadequate hours, Walmart workers are often pushed to rely on food stamps and other government assistance programs to get by. Earlier this year, Americans for Tax Fairness released a report estimating that American taxpayers footed the bill for $6.2 billion in government programs to help support Walmart workers who could not get by on their low pay.

When set next to each other, these two maps tell the tale of a growing gap that everyone from Pope Francis to Standard and Poor has called problematic.