Moms Fight Stagnant Wages and Precarious Work Schedules

schedyAcross the nation there is a growing conversation about the importance of raising wages and securing consistent hours for retail workers. At the forefront of the movement to improve jobs, it is increasingly common to find women leading the charge.

The retail sector employs more people than any other sector in America. The jobs it provides, primarily low-wage work, are disproportionately held by women. Many of these women have children and other dependents who also rely on their income. For this reason, Walmart moms have been at the forefront of the movement to build an economy that works for all families.

On June 6, Walmart moms went on strike during Walmart’s annual shareholders’ meeting to protest Walmart’s retaliation against workers who dare to speak out for change. Part of a larger movement through the Organization United for Respect (OUR Walmart), Walmart workers are calling on Walmart to publicly commit to implement changes that could substantially improve the lives of working parents including changes to pregnancy policy, scheduling, sick days and pay.

Walmart keeps wages low and cut employees’ hours at the expense of workers’ livelihoods and customer service. Heirs to the Walmart fortune, the Walton family, have more wealth than the bottom 42% of all Americans combined. Meanwhile, they continue to pay most of their workers less than $25,000 a year.

As the main breadwinners for their families, Walmart moms aren’t standing up simply for women or their families. They’re helping to inspire a larger movement for change that can benefit all working people.