Retail Justice Alliance Stands with IKEA Workers

Dan StillwellIKEA was widely praised as a leader in the retail industry this summer after the retailer pledged to raise starting wages at each store to match local living wage levels. While this action is commendable, the raises only apply to new hires and not to current IKEA employees.

Many IKEA workers like Dan Stillwell have invested years at IKEA, and simply want chance to share in the success of the company they helped make profitable. Long-time IKEA workers like Dan have come together across the country to start a petition because they believe that all IKEA workers deserve a raise, not just new hires.

The Retail Justice Alliance stands with all IKEA workers as they fight for fair wages and full-time hours so that they can support their families and contribute to their local economies and communities. Please join us in supporting this petition.