Retail Justice Alliance Stands with OUR Walmart Members in Fight for Better Wages and Consistent, Full-Time Hours

final for 15This week, current and former Walmart workers who are members of OUR Walmart delivered a petition to the Walton family—heirs to the Walmart empire—in New York City and Phoenix and to the Walton Family Foundation in Washington, D.C. The petition, which was signed by workers from 1,710 of Walmart stores in all 50 states, calls on the retail giant to publicly commit to pay its workers $15 per hour and provide workers with access to consistent, full-time hours.

Walmart can afford to pay its workers more.  The Walton family is the richest family in the U.S.—with the wealth of 43% of American families combined. While many Walmart workers are unable to feed and clothe their families on their pay of less than $25,000 a year, the Walton family takes in $8.6 million a day in Walmart dividends alone to build on its $150 billion in wealth. Walmart brings in $16 billion in annual profits.

“We are tired of seeing the Waltons enjoy every luxury this world can offer while the workers that build their wealth are unable to pay their bills,” said Interfaith Worker Justice Executive Director Kim Bobo, who is also a member of the Retail Justice Alliance. “Income inequality will only be addressed when the Waltons and Walmart provide fair pay and regular hours to their workers. I’m here today taking a stand for Walmart workers, and I’ll be back on Black Friday with thousands of others who have had enough of Walmart’s destruction of the American Dream.”

Too many Walmart workers are struggling to cover the basic necessities like food and shelter and are forced to rely on taxpayer funded supports like food stamps to survive.  Leading up to Black Friday and beyond, the Retail Justice Alliance will continue to stand with members of OUR Walmart as they fight for better workplace conditions and respect on the job.