After Protests in Los Angeles, Walmart Workers Announce Black Friday Strikes

15788204405_fff199ba72_kToday, current and former Walmart workers who are members of OUR Walmart announced that they will strike across the country on Black Friday—November 28—to protest the retail giant’s illegal silencing of workers who are standing up for better jobs and the company’s low-wage, part-time business practices. OUR Walmart members will be joined by thousands of Americans—including teachers, voters, members of the clergy, elected officials, civil rights leaders and women’s rights activists—at 1,600 protests nationwide who will call on Walmart to raise wages to a minimum of $15 an hour and provide consistent, full-time work.

 The announcement comes on the heels of the first-ever sit-down strike in Los Angeles, where workers sat down in a Walmart store in Crenshaw and refused to move, holding a sit-in near cash registers and racks at the store for a two-hour period. The sit-down strike was followed by a protest at another Walmart store in Pico Rivera where dozens of Walmart workers were joined by hundreds of community allies and 23 people were arrested for civil disobedience.

As Black Friday approaches, please join us in supporting these brave men and women as they defend their right to speak out by signing up to attend a protest or holding your own event at a Walmart store near you by visiting