Worker-led Protests Highlight Need for a Living Wage and Full-time Hours

rja photoLast week and for the third year, current and former Walmart workers who are members of OUR Walmart made history.  Leading up to and on Black Friday, OUR Walmart members and thousands community supporters held 1,600 protests across the country calling for Walmart to respect their right to speak out for better jobs at our country’s largest private employer—making the 2014 Black Friday actions even more widespread than last year. And today, fast food workers are making history as well as they go on strike in 160 cities across the country as part of the “Fight for 15” campaign.

As more and more workers take to the streets to call for respect, and better wages and benefits, it’s becoming very clear that our country’s current low-wage, part-time economy where a few are doing well and the rest are struggling is unsustainable.  The Retail Justice Alliance stands with these brave workers in their fight for respect, a living wage, and a pathway to a better life.