A Victory for Retail Workers in San Francisco

140729_rwborLast week, the Retail Workers Bill of Rights became law in San Francisco—making the city the first in the nation to address the industry specific problems retail workers face every day, including unpredictable scheduling. 

The new law, which is a package of two separate pieces of legislation, requires retailers with at least 20 employees and 20 or more locations worldwide to give retail workers their schedules at least two weeks in advance.  The new law also discourages abusive on-call scheduling practices by requiring retailers to provide their employees with an extra two-to-four hours of pay if changes to schedules are made with less than 24 hours’ notice; promotes full-time work and access to hours; and protects retail workers from losing their jobs when their company is bought or sold.

The Retail Workers Bill of Rights serves as a model for how individual cities can tackle income inequality and improve the quality of jobs in the retail sector, and the Retail Justice Alliance applauds the city of San Francisco for standing up for working families.