What the Waltons Can’t Buy

We did it. We said that this Black Friday would be bigger than ever. And thanks to support from communities, organizations, and faith leaders around the country, we made history.


There are some things that even the richest family in America, the Waltons, can’t buy – people-power, hope, and respect just to name a few. This year, along with our support, Walmart workers sent a clear message to Walmart and the Waltons: America deserves better.

Making Change at Walmart sends our thanks to every individual who helped make this Black Friday season one to remember. From Anchorage to Orlando, Chicago to New Orleans, we made a huge impact:

  • Protests in all 50 states & at 1,600+ Walmart stores.
  • Walmart workers from more than 2,250 stores signed a petition calling for $15 & full time.
  • #WalmartStrikers trended nationally on Twitter.
  • #WalmartStrikers trended nationally twice on Facebook, bumping Kim Kardashian and Star Wars.


Martin Luther King, Jr. said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” It’s not easy standing up to a multi-billion dollar corporation, but the more people learn about how Walmart treats its workers, the more our movement continues to grow.

No one in America should work at a company with $16 billion in profits, run by a family with more than $150 billion in wealth and be unable to put dinner on the table. Walmart workers are standing up for their families and for all families who are struggling to make the American Dream a reality.

We are starting to see changes at Walmart, and we know we can win. With your ongoing support, change is possible.

Be sure to share our accomplishments on social media, so our communities can continue spreading the word.