Walmart Workers Get a Raise

141128_DallasWalmartProtest042Last week, Walmart announced that it will raise wages for 500,000 hourly associates. While this latest development is a victory for the brave members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), Walmart can and should publicly commit to doing more for its associates.

Walmart can afford to pay all of its 1.4 million workers at least $15 per hour and provide access to full-time, consistent hours.  The company makes between $16 and $17 billion a year in profits, and just four members of the Walton Family—heirs to the Walmart empire—have a combined family fortune that is estimated to be nearly $150 billion. Their net worth is greater than the wealth held by 42 percent of American families combined!

The Retail Justice Alliance will continue to stand with members of OUR Walmart until every single associate at Walmart has the wages and hours they need to support their families.