OUR Walmart Statement on McDonald’s Wage Announcement

Reposted from Making Change at Walmart

11080775_1079418722075183_3578858123948433137_oToday, McDonald’s announced it would raise wages for 90,000 workers. The following isOUR Walmart’s response:

“We are glad to hear that like Walmart, McDonald’s is starting to respond to the concerns of its workers around wages, hours and our rights on the job. While this is an important first step, McDonald’s and Walmart’s modest wage increases still don’t pay us enough to be able to feed our families or pay our rent without relying on government assistance,” said Diana Tigon, a Walmart cashier from Arlington, TX who makes $9.50 an hour. “We know now more than ever that our voices are being heard and we’ll continue to stand for a real wage of $15 an hour and full-time, consistent schedules.”