Honoring Retail Workers on Mother’s Day

retail momsMother’s Day is time to honor the many contributions that mothers make to our families and communities.  It’s also an opportunity to recognize the many working mothers in the retail sector who have mobilized to improve jobs at our country’s most profitable companies, such as Walmart and McDonald’s, and cast a light on the role these companies have played in perpetuating inequality in America.

Although the retail sector is an important employer of women and continues to add jobs to the economy, too many women in this industry are struggling in low-wage, part-time jobs with unpredictable “on call” scheduling.  On call scheduling puts workers in the vulnerable position of being called in to work a shift at just a moment’s notice, which makes it impossible to plan for competing life demands such as childcare and threatens their economic security.

For years, workers in the retail sector, including members of OUR Walmart, have called on their employers for better wages, benefits and schedules.  While their actions have led to wage increases at Walmart, McDonald’s, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Dominos, more must be done to increase access to fair, flexible, and reliable scheduling so that retail workers can support themselves and their families

Retail jobs can and should be a source of stability for working mothers and their families. On Mother’s Day and every day, the Retail Justice Alliance stands with working mothers in the retail sector who are fighting to improve jobs in this important and growing industry.