Stand with Price Rite Workers–Sign the Petition!

PR_group_L (1)A new petition in support of Price Rite workers is now available online. Now more than ever, it is time for companies like Price Rite to do the right thing and publicly commit to provide better wages, better benefits, and better schedules that help improve the lives of workers. The petition features the story of Price Rite worker Corey Reed and his struggle to make ends meet due to low wages and unfair schedules. These workers only want to be better providers for their families and continue their work of serving their communities.

Sign and share the petition and call on Price Rite to do the right thing and publicly commit to providing:

-Better wages so Price Rite workers earn more to support their families

-Better benefits so that every Price Rite employee’s hard work is rewarded

-Better schedules so that every Price Rite worker can spend time with their families

Better communities are created by improving the lives of every hard-working family. By making the necessary changes to improve the lives of workers, Price Rite has the opportunity to create real change in the community and become a responsible employer that offers the wages, benefits, and schedules that workers like Corey deserve. Learn more about the Price Rite campaign on Facebook.